Friday, October 19, 2012

Next Stop...Milan

We're headed out tomorrow for our first buying trip and could not be more excited. Direct flight to Milan, and then the first meeting will be in Bologna on Monday. We'll be starting up a new blog, likely on tumblr w/pics taken along the way. So be sure to follow and the Facebook page, where we'll be posting updates including a link to the new tumblr page.


  1. Hi -

    Does your Facebook page (peurist) intimate that you'll be meeting with someone from Tombolini?

    If so - I'm in.

    Anything 46/36!!!


  2. Sorry - that one was just for inspiration. The Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc... will continue to feature relevant pictures/videos/articles from designers and magazines in Europe and elsewhere. But check the Twitter Feed/Facebook page now, as I just dropped a little hint as to tomorrow's stop.