Monday, October 29, 2012

Italy Recap

Seeing as I'm stuck inside my apartment for the next two days, figured I'd give a quick recap of the remainder of my trip. Without giving too much away --- after the stop at JCM in the north of the country, I headed along the east coast of the country (on the Adriatic Sea) and visited two men's suit manufacturers. One of which, most Daffy's customers are already quite familiar with, the other is a new stop I found on my own. Suffice it to say, both stops proved quite successful, and I placed a large order at the first for Spring/Summer 2013 items, and picked up a small quantity of suits and sportcoats at the second for both Fall and Spring items.

All in all, it was a great trip and I am very excited for things coming in the next few months. I have a good batch of high quality shirts from a UK label that are ready to go, once the website is up and running, which will be put together in the next few weeks. And the items from Italy should be in the States towards the end of next month.

So, in the meantime...
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  1. Hey -

    Hope you are doing well post-storm.

    Just a suggestion --- I don't think that "mystery" and "suspense" are your best bet with Peurist (think about how little you told us pre-launch, and how it didn't really translate into much attention or funding for your venture).

    Why not post more pics from your trip - and give us some details?

    I'm interested in your visit to Royal Hem, and some pics of pieces that are coming our way in late November.

    I think that will drive things a bit better for you...

    Details please! (It will only benefit you, and your November launch)...


  2. Thanks -- I've gone back and forth on it, but have decided to hold off putting up pics until the merchandise is closer to being put up on the site. I actually don't have pics from Royal Hem, just b/c I wasn't afforded the opportunity when I met with them, but will have pics of the items once they arrive Stateside. While I definitely want to bring attention to the merchandise and the site, there also has to be a balance of protecting the items from companies that are much more established.

  3. Alright, so I gave in...:) --- check the Facebook page for pics and previews of what we'll be getting in, plus profiles of European labels that may one day make it to PEURIST.COM --