Monday, May 21, 2012

Update Coming Soon

Been quite busy at work the past couple of days, but have a lot of updates to put in after my brief venture to NYC last week --- was up on business, but managed to sneak in stops at a few Daffy's locations and pick up a some things for myself.


  1. Went to a few stores today based on the above suggestion of a lot of updates. Checked 44th and bway, 44th and mad, and 34th st daffy's today...NOTHING GOOD

    34th St looked almost empty...they were cleaned out of suits and almost everything else

  2. Hey -- yes, by a lot of updates, I did not mean to suggest that the stores got in huge amounts of new merchandise; sorry if I led you to believe otherwise -- I haven't had time to write a formal post yet, but most of the stuff was in sneakers/shoes, and a few random shirts and accessories that came in -- so a lot of varied items, but nothing in any substantial amount.

    You likely won't see anything substantial suit or shirt-wise until then end of June/mid-July when Fall merchandise starts rolling out. Sadly, that's just the way Daffy's operates at this point - i.e., best stuff first two months of the season, filler the rest.

    1. Hello -
      What's your opinion about Tombolini (the quality, cut, construction, etc)? I know that Daffy's has the brand on occasion.

      Thank you

  3. Tombolini is pretty darn good. The suits retail on the order of $1500. Construction, however, is not on par w/the price. From what I can tell, it falls somewhere in the mid-range of Italian suit makers, i.e., Lardini, LBM, etc... Fit is pretty slim, and the designs are much more out there than other brands just mentioned.

    So not an Isaia or Kiton, but not bad at all. Quite good in fact if you can find it at a decent price, but it is not carried that often in the States for whatever reason. The only store I know off-hand that sells the stuff, other than the samples Daffy's got in last fall, is Lord Midas, out on Long Island (Roslyn, to be more specific). Otherwise, you're stuck w/Yoox.