Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another Slow Week

Another slow week, but I will say it was a better one in that we didn't get in much junk -- just that not much came in at all down here in Philly.

The items from MINE which were in the Jersey stores last week made their way down here; nice stuff overall. And some more blazers from Confezioni Lombardelli (made in Italy) came in - mostly plaid linen blazers. Really quite nice - my guess is the folks in NYC have access to these items in a few of the stores there - none of the NJ stores received Lombardelli items. I hope to make a trip to NYC soon and provide a much-needed store update.

Shoes/accessory-wise - small selection of decent shoes came in from Kenneth Cole New York (better than the lower-end Reaction line), though at a price of over $80, I'm not sure of the real value there when Daffy's offers Italian shoes at the same price point. And some new sock brands (see pics) Vivarati (made in Turkey) and Rare Footage. I've included the back of the Rare Footage tag, only to indicate that these socks are 68% polyester - generally I like my feet to breathe, not sweat; but who knows, maybe there's a reason they're mostly synthetic.

Only other thing of note was something from the Young Men's side, which I usually just ignore on this blog b/c of how bad the stuff is, but I noticed a brand called Astronomy. I mean the items weren't phenomenal by any means, but they were solid and had a simple design to them, which is hard to find in the Daffy's young men's section, and of course priced to move. Worth a quick look if you've got a few minutes to spare.

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