Friday, May 31, 2013

Philly Daffy's Space....Nordy's?

For those not in the know, we'll be archiving the Yellow Baggers blog and redirecting over to our new blog space, PEUR postings, over at

In the meantime, some news finally came out about the Daffy's location in Philly, and to new stores that may occupy the space. reports that it will be occupied by multiple retailers, including 'some variety of Nordstrom.' --

LINK ---
"Meanwhile, we continue to await the news of which store–or stores–will be moving into the Daffy’s space. We did post a countdown clock based on what a broker told us, but that just made readers hostile because we blew past the deadline by eons. What we believe now, based on multiple tips, is that there will be more than one retailer in the space, and one of those will be some variety of Nordstrom."

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