Sunday, June 3, 2012

Philadelphia Recap

No NYC updates this week, just Philly ones for the time being. I had heard rumors of Fall merchandise coming out for men, but turns out they were false, but I will post to the Twitter feed if I hear anything more concrete. Now down to business --

Good/Decent Finds:
A ton of shirts came in from Inghirami (made in Italy), under labels including Ingram, Inghirami, Fabio Inghirami and others. These shirts are made quite well -- you may know the manufacturer from it's somewhat more known brand, Reporter. I will note that while they are made well, most of the shirts are not fitted very well -- i.e., very loose, and likely mis-sized -- so make sure you try everything on before you buy it. The usual $29.99. Each store likely got quite a big selection of these shirts.

A small selection of Michael Kors shirts came in as well, all $19.99, originally $79.50.

Suits came in from Acquaviva (made in Italy), all at $149.99. These aren't the best made things, and they have a much looser fit -- clearly made for the American market. That said, they are not awful, and certainly better than the Manzini and Romano's junk that sits around collecting dust. In fact if you read last week's post, you'd note that Acquaviva merchandise is now being sold at select Bloomingdale's stores. Interestingly, it appears that the Italian company that makes these suits is embroiled in trademark litigation w/it's U.S. distributor (BMG Imports) -- in case you're interested --

Shoes -- Much like NYC, the Philly store got in a small selection of Florsheim by Duckie Brown shoes as well - $119.99 and up. Additionally, a nice selection of shoes came in from from Timberland, and samples came in from Guess -- the samples were quite nice, though only a handful of them. Also forgot to mention in my NYC recap, leather loafers from Pellenera. I believe they're from the same company that makes Marco Ferretti shoes -- that is not saying much, but they are made in the Dominican Republic, so are not the worst things around.

Quite a sizable selection of suits and vests came in from Adolfo. I mean when I tell you these things are hideous, that is an understatement. The original retail on the suits is listed as $179 and they are selling for $69.99. How do the buyers not realize that this stuff is total junk and not fit for Daffy's. I mean I realize there has to be a 'variety' of suits, but come on. This is the kind of stuff that is sold at those $99 suit stores that keep popping up everywhere.


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  2. Yeah, I mean they have been going down in quality for a while. As to your specific points --

    1) A large problem is how each store is run -- each individual store is run depending on how each manager sees fit, so you get a different experience in each store. When I was at 34th St. last week, they would no longer let me try on the shirts that were folded in boxes, which is nuts considering every single one of those shirts fits differently even in the same size from the same designer. The employees were just annoyed at having to clean up the needles and pieces of plastic when a shirt was unfolded, so they lose sales in favor of them not working a tad harder.

    But this is the first I'm hearing about the blazers. That is just insane.

    2) The managers are given plenty of leeway, it's just that they are often told that if the merchandise comes in damaged, there is nothing they can do. The smarter ones will mark the stuff down, but your 10% is the standard I usually get if I find something messed up. One time in Elizabeth, NJ, I got 20%, but the salesperson was quite shocked when she was told to mark it down that much. My personal philosophy is that merchandise is meant to be sold not displayed, but each individual manager does as he/she feels appropriate.

    But you'd be surprised how many Daffy's employees have been with the company for over 15+ years - and I'm talking store managers. But yes, many are disgruntled at how the company has gone down hill in the last several years.

    3) As for the Acquaviva suits, I admit that they are still pretty awful. But there comes a point where I understand that not every customer can wear Gazzarrini and Jey Cole Man simply because of how those things are sized. So I'm more comfortable with having Acquaviva suits sitting around than the real junk they get in.

    I honestly don't believe that the company as we knew it is gone. They are trying to 'reidentify' who they are, if you will, and are slowly remembering their European roots. This Fall is supposed to be an improvement in that direction, but we will see if that is indeed in the case in a few weeks.

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