Saturday, November 27, 2010

Brands to Watch For - Suits, Coats, Etc...

While the selection of these designers at Daffy's this season has been paltry to say the least, these are three brands that Daffy's has historically carried over the last couple of years that provide excellent options for high quality, on-fashion clothing. Particularly to be mindful of is the suit selection from these labels, as Daffy's offers these Italian-made suits for $200 or less. They are the best fitting suits you will ever find at these prices.

1) Jey Cole Man -- Sadly, Daffy's has carried virtually no merchandise from this label this season. I'd probably describe the brand as a cross between Banana Republic and John Varvatos. A sophisticated-urban style, but not overly formal. Of the three listed here, the suits probably have the best construction quality. The shirting, outerwear and everything else I've seen is also done very well, always on-trend, even though what you're buying at Daffy's is generally from the previous year. Shirts and sweaters from the label are on the pricier end of what you'll find at Daffy's, probably on the order of $50-60. Sportscoats generally range from $70-$90.

2) Gazzarrini -- Daffy's has had a limited selection of Gazzarrini merchandise this season, especially the suiting has been quite disappointing with only a few pieces going to select Manhattan locations (still one or two suits at both 57th St locations). That aside, Gazzarrini is probably the most fashion-forward merchandise you'll find at Daffy's. Everything is extremely slim-fitting, and you'll often find asymmetrical shapes and funky patterns in the clothing. Suits, again, are an incredible bargain for the quality and fit, though don't expect conservative styling. You should also watch out for the outerwear and leathers in particular which are superbly done. Every so often you'll find some shoes and accessories from this label at Daffy's, but they are rare -- at the beginning of the season, look for belts, messenger bags, ties and shoes - they're very sparse and go quickly, but they're great stuff. When looking for Gazzarrini merchandise, also look for a label marked '1G' or '1st Generation' -- it is the Gazzarrini diffusion line which produces some more casual, I'd say military-inspired, garb.

3) Patrizia Pepe - Again, a paltry selection this season at Daffy's - no suits at all this Fall, and what they did carry was very limited. This is another fashion-forward label, though not as much as Gazzarrini. Still, you'll again find asymmetrical lines and interesting pieces, more experimentation with color than the other two brands mentioned here. Like the other two, the best pieces are the suits and outerwear. Never seen shoes from this label, but I've seen a few belts and ties every now and again. Great stuff if you can find it -- the women's merchandise from this label is apparently a very hot seller, but sadly most men don't have a clue what it is.

-- As a general point, be aware as to what you're getting when you see these labels. This merchandise is sold in boutiques all over Italy and in some places in Europe. It's very pricey, and Daffy's is giving it to you at an incredible discount -- if you want to compare prices, just even on a suit, look at, which sells Gazzarrini suits on closeout at upwards of $400. The problem, particularly this season for some reason, is finding the merchandise; As will be discussed in a future post, you'll have to troll multiple locations to find what you want, and the stuff comes in only once per season -- one shipment at the beginning of each season (generally March for Spring stuff, late July-early September for Fall/Winter stuff). That also requires the Daffy's buyers to have bought the merchandise in the first place (another issue to be discussed at a later time, re: Daffy's buyers, most of whom are completely out of touch with modern style).

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